Let's Take a Deeper Dive into Connected Parenting Webinar

Let's Take a Deeper Dive into Connected Parenting Webinar

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Recorded on: February 25, 2022 

Presented By: Ulrica Jobe, BA, MEd.

Where: Virtually (Zoom Platform)
*Note: Only Live Participants will be eligible to receive 1.5 Continuing Education Credits*
Session Description:

Connected Parenting is a parenting methodology, a philosophy.  At Connected Parenting, our purpose is to empower families with the CALM Methodology (Connect, Affect, Listen, Mirror), embracing both the emotional and neurobiological components of connections, largely through a technique called mirroring.  Simply put - the brain-heart connection.  Not only does it encompass the CALM technique, but also therapeutic limit setting which allows parents to correct and guide behaviour AFTER connecting with empathy and compassion.  These empathic interactions release reward chemicals in the brain, including natural opiates, endorphins and oxytocin.  These powerful chemicals inhibit stress hormones, bathe the brain in positive emotions and increase order and balance in the nervous system.  At this stage, it is much easier to move into problem solving.  Connected Parenting shows you how to do this skillfully to repair frayed bonds, deescalate tantrums, contain and correct difficult behaviours. 

As a therapist and coach, you want to do everything possible to give the parents you are working with the tools they need to help their child enjoy a happy life.  Connected Parenting Therapists and Coaches help parents understand that a few adjustments in how they interact with their child can profoundly impact their child’s brain function.  These adjustments will inspire parents to nurture their children in a way that builds emotional resilience and adaptability, leaving children feeling understood, loved and cherished.  Parents will also experience greater peace of mind and confidence, even when a child's behaviour is most challenging and triggering.   A fun and engaging webinar to learn new strategies for your professional and personal toolbox!  (Spoiler Alert!  The CALM technique works on anyone - not just between parents and kids so there is something for everyone to learn!)  See you in February!

To learn more, visit:  www.connectedparenting.com

About Ulrica Jobe:

Ulrica is a passionate educator, counsellor, coach, speaker and workshop facilitator who works with parents, children, families and educators.  Ulrica’s warmth and compassion set the stage for everyone to feel at ease, gain trust and be motivated to explore new perspectives.  Ulrica has worked as a Sexual Health Educator facilitating workshops with children, adolescents and parents.  Ulrica has been trained in the Centred Leadership model and obtained her MEd in Developmental Psychology and Education with a specialization in Mental Health.  Currently, Ulrica brings valuable skills, knowledge and experience to her work with Connected Parenting.  She believes in the Connected Parenting philosophy because it is inclusive and accessible.  Ulrica loves that the philosophy is heart-centred while also grounded in brain science, highlighting the brain-heart connection.  Through Ulrica’s coaching, parents will be encouraged to celebrate their successes while embracing the messiness of parenting.  Parents who work with Ulrica will leave their sessions and workshops with confidence, applicable strategies to communicate effectively, and practical solutions to learn, grow and thrive as a family.   Ulrica lives in Toronto with her partner, Dan, and her daughter, Caia.